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The UK Big Freeze website aims to make the task of organising public and collaborative events easy, simple and fun as well as to offer a single point of contact to discover what events are taking place should you want to attend.

How it started

The UK Big Freeze is a free social and organisational online network designed to help people organise and find out about collaborative events such as flashmobs, festivals and public parties.

The website in its current form went live in June 2012 though the name UK Big Freeze has now been in use for several years.

On the 13th March 2010 the nationwide flashmob, The UK Big Freeze was held taking place in over 20 locations around the country at the same time! To help in the organisation of this event, a simple website was made to help keep those taking part informed and to help spread the word.

Two years later the website was still riding on the success of the original event and with hundreds of new visitors each week, all keen to find out when the next event would be. It felt a big shame to disappoint and a real waste to leave the site as it was, so hey presto The UK Big Freeze network was born!


The UK Big Freeze website was designed and developed by its founder, Josh Forwood (The organiser of the original UK Big Freeze event).