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  FILM SCREENING  Date: Fri 18th Mar 2016  Location: London  Style: film  |  (0 photos | 0 videos)
  ANNIVERSARY FLASHMOB  Date: Tue 11th Feb 2014  Location: Lakeside (Thurrock)  Style: dance  |  (0 photos | 0 videos)
  TRAFALGARPILLOWFIGHT  Date: Sat 2nd Mar 2013  Location: Trafalgar Square  Style: action  |  (0 photos | 0 videos)
  BRISTOL HARLEM SHAKE  Date: Sat 2nd Mar 2013  Location: COLLEGE GREEN BRISTO  Style: dance  |  (1 photo | 1 video)
  CHILDREN IN NEED  Date: Sat 27th Oct 2012  Location: Glasgow  Style: dance  |  (0 photos | 0 videos)