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Safety Advice

When organising and/or attending large public events such as flashmobs and festivals it's recomended to follow certain safety precautions.
Below we have provided some guidline suggestions for staying safe:

1. Valuables
It is highly recommended that you leave any valuables at home when attending a flashmob or festival. If you must take them with you, ensure they are securely on your person and remain aware that pickpockets and thieves are likely to be operating in the area.

2. Awareness
Make sure you remain aware of your surroundings and if there is a large crowd ensure you don't lose those you are with. If you are taking children with you make sure you organise a clear meeting point with them when you arrive in case you become separated.

3. Obstruction
Avoid obstructing pathways, roads or routes used by the emergency services. Remember these events are there to have fun and entertain, not to cause disruption.

4. Permission
It is highly recommended that if you are organising an event on a large scale to contact the local authorities and let them know what is to take place. They will rarely ask to know more but it is beneficial for them to know in advance as they can make preparations to prevent pickpockets and theves. It also eradicates the risk of the police breaking up the event on the day as they are unsure of what is happening and why.